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    What is MyCheQueMateTM?
    A fun, inter-active Cyber Banking System for the entire family whose main goal is to help parents teach
    their kids about the value of money … how to Earn it, Spend it, Share it & Save it. The sooner we teach our
    kids good money habits the better off they will be at handling money as adults. Open up your free account today
    and start giving your kids a head start on their financial future.
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    Their Very First Bank Account.
    Our Banking System is set up so that parents are the Bank Owners
    and kids are the Bank Customers. And we will help you teach them
    how to manage their money responsibly.
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    Do your kids have Chores?
    Yes? Great! Take a look at our Chores Chart and see if you can integrate it into what you’re currently doing.
    No? Our interactive Chores Chart is a great way to set up a chores list for the kids.
    (And … it has a built in reminder system so your kids will be automatically notified if they forgot to do a chore.)
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    Pre-Teen Asking For Money?
    Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some great ideas for you.
    Click on the Contracts tab to pull up 15 deals that you can make with your
    kids to help them earn extra money, points or privileges.
    Everything’s in black and white so no more trying to remember who said what.
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    Teen Asking For Money?
    The Dictionary.com definition of “To Borrow” is, To obtain or receive… intending to give it back…
    But when your Teen asks to “borrow some money,” it probably means you’ll never see it again.
    This could be a good time to click on the Bank Loans’ tab and take a look at our Loan Agreement.
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    Are you using a Point System?
    No? We’ve got just the point system for you. Click on the Star Points tab
    and set up your very own family point system.
    Yes? You should be able to incorporate what you’re already doing into our
    Star Points system.
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    Kids Have Busy Schedules?
    Click on the Schedule tab to take control over the kids‘ busy routines
    by using our interactive scheduling calendar. Let us help you keep track
    of the schedule for the entire family while at the same time keeping each
    child up to date on their own individual activities.
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    Your Personal Safe Deposit Box.
    My Family Bank & Trust will archive all of the Deposit checks & Withdrawal checks
    that you’ve written, Messages that you’ve sent, Ideas that you’ve come up with,
    Loan Agreements & Contracts that you’ve entered into for future reference.
    Just click on the Safe Deposit tab to start the process of finding a past document.