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    What is MyCheQueMateTM?
    A virtual Banking System designed to teach kids like you about the value of saving
    and spending money wisely. Our main goal is to help you learn about the value of money
    and to help you develop good money habits. Let us help you become a Money Smart Kid.
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    How We Can Help You.
    Pre-Teens: We will give you ideas on how to earn, save and budget your money.
    Teach you how to write Deposit and Withdrawal checks.
    Teens: All of the above plus teach you how to get the Bank Loan process
    started in case you want to borrow money from the Bank Owner.
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    Are you getting an Allowance yet?
    Yes? That’s Great! We can help you keep track of your money. We can also give you
    some ideas on how to make extra money.
    No? Check out our Kid’s Code of Conduct. We think this might help you in your quest
    to get an Allowance or in keeping the Allowance that you’re already getting.
    Remember…getting an allowance is a privilege not a right and it comes with much responsibility.
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    Do you have Chores?
    Yes? Most kids do. Have you ever forgotten to do a Chore and mom or dad had to remind you? That’s
    happened to most kids too.Let us help keep you organized with our Chores Chart built in reminder system.
    We’ll make sure you never forget a Chore again. No? Ask your parents to help you come up with some ideas
    on how you can start earning extra money by doing Chores. But don’t expect to get paid for certain chores
    because you are part of a family and everyone has to do their part.
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    Are We Using Real Money?
    No… our Banking System uses what we call virtual or what you might call PLAY money. The only real money that
    changes hands while using our Banking System is between you and your parents. The balance in your
    MyCheQueMate™ account is how much money the Bank Owner is holding for you.
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    Got A Busy Schedule?
    Are you a busy kid with lots of things going on? Let us help you stay organized
    with our interactive scheduling calendar.
    Click on the Schedule tab and see what’s on your Daily, Weekly or Monthly schedule.
    There’s also a Stuff To-Do list so you won’t forget any of the little stuff.
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    Is Your Family Using A Point System?
    Our Star Points system is designed to help you keep track of all the rules set down by your parents
    and it will also help you keep track of all the points that you’ve accumulated.
    Click on the Star Points tab and you will have all of this information at your fingertips.